2024 iPad Pro to have thinner bezels and dual-screen options

Apple’s iPad Pro 2024 refresh with OLED panels is almost ready to launch, with the latest rumor speculating a March 26 launch date. However, more reports about Apple’s “Pro” tablets continue to emerge as we inch closer to the launch date.  According to the latest report, the 2024 iPad Pro models will have considerably thinner bezels than its predecessors and will be available in both matte and glossy screen options.  2024 iPad Pro bezels will be thinner than ever  Image: Basic Apple Guy on X/Twitter According to the report provided by the leaker Instant Digital on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, the new iPad Pro models with the OLED display will have thinner bezels.  Excluding the metal edge, the new iPad Pro bezel sizes are: .stk-f13d065{–stk-icon-list-marker-color:#911d9c !important;–stk-icon-height:22px !important} 11-inch iPad Pro bezels: 7.12mm 12.9-inch iPad Pro bezels: 7.08mm MacRumors has pointed out that these measurements translate to about a 10% to 15% reduction in bezel sizes compared to the current “Pro” iPad models since 2018.  The claim also matches with one of the older reports by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, which stated Apple is working on a way to make the iPad bezels even thinner.  In addition to the dramatically thinner bezels, the new flagship Apple tablets will reportedly be thinner than their predecessors.  New screen option for the 2024 iPad Pro models Image: KnowTechie On the other hand, another Instant Digital rumor on the same social media platform claims that the 2024 “Pro” iPad models will have both matte…2024 iPad Pro to have thinner bezels and dual-screen options

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