5 awesome takeaways from Bill Gates’ predictions for 2024

Every year, Bill Gates makes predictions about where technology will help in the year ahead. Some of these come to fruition, while others are still future tech. For example, in 2019, he forecasted ten things in a post in the MIT Technology Review, and multiple highlighted technologies hit the mark. We got cow-free meat, ECGs in our smartwatches, and smooth-talking AI assistants like ChatGPT. Now, he’s mused about what’s to come in 2024, and the overarching theme is that AI is going to push innovation forward in the year ahead. Bill Gates says you haven’t seen anything yet for AI Image: Bill Gates The biggest takeaway from next year is that it will set the stage for “a massive technology boom later this decade.” AI technology is in considerable flux, with exponential increases seemingly every other week. Gates sees AI working on some of the most challenging questions, like combating antibiotic resistance, bringing individualized tutoring tools to students, treating high-risk pregnancies, and making health history easier to find for medics. AI is about to supercharge the innovation pipeline – Bill Gates Since 2000, the number of children that die before age five has halved, in no small part because of vaccine innovation. Bill says AI can speed up the discovery of innovative medicines so fewer lives are lost before they reach their potential. One other way to enable childhood potential is eradicating malnutrition. The Gates Foundation has discovered that a specific bacteria is responsible for the absorption of nutrients in…5 awesome takeaways from Bill Gates’ predictions for 2024

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