A Google smartwatch appears at FCC, likely the Pixel Watch 2a

Google is all set to hold its annual Google I/O event in less than a month, and the search engine company is expected to announce the Google Pixel 8A, among other things.  However, a new report has revealed that Google may have something new up its sleeveā€”a new hardware announcement, maybe? The folks at the 9to5Google have discovered that a mysterious Google product has popped up at the FCC certification site with the model number G4SKY. Is a Pixel Watch 2a really in the works? Image: FCC An appearance at the FCC site indicates that the product is close to launch.  Now, everything points to the Pixel Watch 3, the only upcoming Google smartwatch we know about. However, the next Pixel Watch will likely launch alongside the Pixel 9 series in the fall.  In addition, the device lacks features like ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity and 5G but appears to have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity. Hence, this is something different.  While it is unclear what the new Google hardware could be, it has the exact instructions for viewing the on-device FCC E-label as the Pixel Watch 2.  To view regulatory information, certification, and compliance marks, go to Settings > System > Regulatory Information. Either way, the outlet has offered one possibility but also states it is highly unlikely.  The unnamed hardware could be the Pixel Watch 2a, and if the assumption is accurate, we should get more info on it as we approach Google I/O 2024. Could this be the Pixel…A Google smartwatch appears at FCC, likely the Pixel Watch 2a

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