A New Fear Is Spreading: AI Anxiety

Relatable Anxious about AI taking your job? According to a new report from the BBC, you’re not alone. “I’m amazed at how quickly ChatGPT has become so sophisticated,” Claire, a 34-year-old PR worker who kept her last name private, told the BBC. “Give it a few more years, and I can absolutely imagine a world in which a bot does my job just as well as I can,” she added. “I hate to think what that might mean for my employability.” “I think a lot of creatives are concerned,” 29-year-old Alys Marshall, a Bristol, UK-based copywriter, echoed to the BBC. “We’re all just hoping that our clients will recognize [our] value, and choose the authenticity of [a human] over the price and convenience of AI tools.” Economic Anxiety Frankly, anxiety around the impact of AI on the job market right now isn’t exactly unwarranted. Rest of World reported just last week that Chinese videogame illustrators are already being put out of work by their digital counterparts, while a number of publishers have already started to experiment — often quietly, as we’ve discovered in our reporting — with AI-generated content. There’s also the fact that in a recent memo, Goldman Sachs predicted that AI may automate 300 million jobs. (For context, according to the US Census Bureau’s population clock, there are roughly 334 million humans living in America today.) Some experts say that those fearing automation should instead focus on controlling what they can control. Just ride the techno-wave, baby. “It is normal…A New Fear Is Spreading: AI Anxiety

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