Adobe Forbids Using Photoshop’s New AI Features for Nudity

Pinky Promise Photoshop’s new generative AI tools are here — and Adobe really, really, pretty please doesn’t want you to use them to make porn, okay? Presumably in response to the growing existential threat that text-to-image AIs like OpenAI’s DALL-E and Midjourney pose to the longtime overlord of the graphic design kingdom, Adobe this week unveiled the beta for its new suite of generative AI tools. Dubbed Adobe Firefly, the tools are apparently pretty impressive — a win, considering that AI-generated imagery has already put Chinese videogame illustrators out of work and graced the cover of Vogue Italia. “I think it is going to have a transformational impact in the number of people that create content,” David Wadhwani, Adobe’s president of digital media, told NBC, “and the number of people that can monetize the creation.” And yet, despite Adobe’s apparent enthusiasm, the beta comes with a hefty dose of user guidelines, a large chunk of which is dedicated to everything that users are not allowed to create. And at the top of that do-not-generate list, among a number of other big — and seemingly pretty hard to police — nos, is “pornographic material or explicit nudity.” Sorry, folks! most notably, it includes a LOT of rules about what types of content you're allowed to create. including "hateful" or "violent" content, but also anything that's "pornographic" or contains "nudity" which is at the same time necessary and ludicrous — Eric Ravenscraft (@LordRavenscraft) May 23, 2023 Rule Book It’s a fair —…Adobe Forbids Using Photoshop’s New AI Features for Nudity

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