AdWords AI Will Auto-Generate Then Auto-Launch Fun New Ads

In late April Google will start offering (forcing) a new tool letting artificial intelligence generate ads in your AdWords account. The really fun part; once these ad recommendations appear, you’ll have 14 days to dismiss them before they become active by default. So, look forward to seeing text ads generated by an AI’s best guess at improving your campaigns. Granting that Google will build these new ads using information from existing ads, landing pages, site descriptions, and other relevant data it is likely the ad will be at least somewhat on target. However, the sophistication of the AI does not diminish the concern many ad managers (including our team) feel about Google automatically creating and launching ads with no human oversight. Adwords Already Uses AI for Keyword Suggestions AI generated lists of suggested keywords are a long time feature of Adwords. Many advertisers are accustomed to seeing notifications pop up suggesting you add a fairly huge number of mostly irrelevant keywords to your campaigns with a single click. These suggested keywords generated by AI often miss the mark, turning the time-consuming task of keyword research into a high-speed, money burning exercise. Admittedly this tool has become smarter over the years but is still a great way to quickly target a completely irrelevant audience. At least suggested keywords require manual approval. By default with this new feature, ad managers will need to disarm the unknown AdBomb cooked up by the AdWords AI, or it could be explosive. Remember that could be good or…AdWords AI Will Auto-Generate Then Auto-Launch Fun New Ads

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