AI and Military Leaders Gathered for Mysterious Event in Utah

Secret Summit Last week, before the axis of the artificial intelligence world veritably shifted with OpenAI’s ongoing leadership shakeup, a group of AI and military leaders met in a secretive three-day retreat in the Utah mountains. As Bloomberg reports, the AI Security Summit — not to be confused with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s AI Safety Summit earlier in November — was hosted by the startup Scale AI, a contractor that offers data security to everyone from OpenAI to the US Army. At the rented-out luxury hotel located somewhere near-ish to Park City, Utah, the summit’s assembled AI and military insiders were given the chance to speak candidly — no direct attribution was allowed from attendees or press — about issues facing the industry, even as President Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping held their own tête-à-tête 800 miles away in San Francisco to discuss, among other things, regulations on AI. During the three-day event, Scale AI’s invite-only guests picked out bespoke cowboy hats, ate coffee-rubbed bison steaks, made s’mores, and undoubtedly had top-shelf spirits during fireside chats about all manner of big-deal issues like the pace of AI advancement and the possibility that the tech may advance to the level of artificial general intelligence or AGI, in which it could perform at a human level or even surpass us. Interestingly, as Bloomberg indicates, there didn’t appear to be any prior knowledge of OpenAI’s then-forthcoming Red Wedding that took place just a day or two after the summit, which featured executives…AI and Military Leaders Gathered for Mysterious Event in Utah

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