AI-Generated Trailer for James Bond Starring Henry Cavill Gets 2.5 Million Views

Weak Bonds Movie fans are maybe getting a little too desperate to see who the next 007 will be. The Hollywood Reporter reports that a fake, partially AI-generated movie trailer with Henry Cavill as James Bond — a fan favorite to succeed Daniel Craig — has racked up millions of views on YouTube. Misleadingly billed as “Bond 26 – First Trailer,” the fake casts Margot Robbie as Cavill’s co-star, and envisions — in another common fantasy pick — Christopher Nolan as director, according to the suspiciously ChatGPT-sounding synopsis in the video description. Created by KH Studio, which has dozens of fake trailers like these on its channel, the video uses a mix of AI imagery and real movie footage, including scenes from what appears to be “The Man From Uncle,” Cavill’s most Bond-like role to date. As of Thursday, the video has surpassed 2.5 million views, probably in no small part thanks to how much it tries to pass itself as the genuine article, featuring an AI-generated thumbnail that centers the two movie stars. “Henry Cavill and Margot Robbie star in James Bond 26 with filming planned for 2024!” the top of the video description reads. Get a Grip Of course, it’s only beneath that faux trailer copy that the video’s disclaimer is hidden away. “Please note that this video is a concept trailer created solely for artistic and entertainment purposes,” KH Studio wrote. “I have meticulously incorporated various effects, sound design, AI technologies, movie analytics, and other elements to…AI-Generated Trailer for James Bond Starring Henry Cavill Gets 2.5 Million Views

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