Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ tech was just one big fat stupid lie

Welp, it turns out Amazon’s daring leap into the future of grocery shopping—y’know, the one where you grab what you want and stroll out like you own the place—was less about AI innovation and more about good ol’ human exploitation. According to a piece by Futurism via The Information, Amazon’s highly touted “Just Walk Out” tech was actually powered by a thousand human contractors tucked away in India, so much for the AI revolution. Imagine a bunch of people sitting in a room manually checking what you grabbed off the shelves because the tech couldn’t quite cut it. Cameras and sensors? Please, those were just the eyes and ears for the remote brigade, forced to play catch-up with your shopping spree. This Just Walk Out tech—gimmicky at best—winds down with few tears likely to be shed. Instead of this over-hyped, privacy-invading snooze fest, Amazon’s betting on something they call Dash Carts—literal carts with scanners and screens. Riveting. Video: YouTube In 2018, with much fanfare, Amazon rolled out this Just Walk Out system across its fresh stores, luring other companies like Walmart to pull similar stunts. Of course, humans aside, Just Walk Out had other problems to deal with. According to The Verge and Yahoo News, the system is overtaxing and burdensome. The expenses are high due to slow technology, and the receipts took hours to reach the shoppers as contract cashiers could only transmit back data after substantial delays Just walk out just keeps getting better and better Topping off this debacle, the Surveillance…Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ tech was just one big fat stupid lie

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