An AI-enhanced Siri is likely to be revealed at the next WWDC: Rumor

Apple plans to introduce an AI-enhanced version of Siri in the 2024 WWDC to surpass the likes of Google and Amazon. The Virtual Assistants are great, and they can be helpful at times. Unfortunately, where Google with its Assistant and Amazon with Alexa excels, Apple is way behind with Siri.  While it is a bold move, it could be great for Apple. The company is reportedly trying to add a large language model (LLM) to enhance Siri.  iPhone 16 will likely introduce the AI-enhanced Siri to the world  The news comes from the tipster @Tech_Reve, who claims that Apple is in the middle of upgrading its virtual assistant with an LLM similar to the ones used for ChatGPT and other chatbots.  Good news:Apple is currently using LLM to completely revamp Siri into the ultimate virtual assistant and is preparing to develop it into Apple's most powerful killer AI app. This integrated development effort is actively underway, and the first product is expected to be…— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) November 9, 2023 However, it’s Apple we are talking about, and the LLM won’t be just any third-party LLM like Meta’s Llama 2. Instead, the company will use an in-house LLM. We have heard something similar from a Bloomberg report by Mark Gurman. @Tech_Reve has also claimed that Apple wants to turn Siri into the “most powerful killer AI app.” However, Apple is not yet ready to unveil its amped-up virtual assistant to the world. According to the post, it will happen at the…An AI-enhanced Siri is likely to be revealed at the next WWDC: Rumor

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