Anatomy of an online outrage mob

The official Twitter accounts of hospitals, school districts, and other medical and educational institutions don’t generally get a ton of engagement. This changes drastically, however, when right-wing social media influencer Chaya Raichik tweets about them from her @libsoftiktok account, which at the time of this writing has just over 1.9 million followers. The school district and hospital accounts tagged in her tweets quickly get deluged with hundreds or thousands of hostile replies and mentions, some of which contain threats of real-world violence. This phenomenon is extremely easy to spot when one graphs the volume of tweets and replies tagging the accounts in question.since these accounts normally get very little interaction, the spikes in mentions generated by @libsoftiktok’s tweets are quite obviousDuring the period from September 24th, 2022 to February 10th, 2023, @libsoftiktok tagged 56 school district accounts, 9 university accounts, and 7 hospital accounts in viral tweets, a total of 72 accounts. (For the sake of this analysis, tweets that received at least 500 retweets were considered “viral”.) Every single one of these accounts experienced a sizable spike in mention volume in the 24 hours immediately after being tagged by @libsoftiktok. On average, these accounts went from 0.75 mentions per hour to 51.7 mentions per hour, an increase of over 6700%. Even the most popular of the accounts tagged, @CarnegieMellon, experienced a 336% increase in mentions in the 24 hours after being featured by @libsoftiktok.all 72 accounts experience significant increases in engagement in the immediate aftermath of being tagged by…Anatomy of an online outrage mob

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