Andrew Tate And The Woke Mind Virus

Andrew Tate, and the woke mind virus sounds like a children’s mystery book title. So let’s investigate how woke the mind virus is and Tate’s alleged crimes.  It’s gotten so woke out here you cannot even move to Romania to start a crime syndicate for human trafficking without people trying to cancel you. Tate, who I will describe as anti-woke, is not yet convicted of any crime. Still, Tate is being detained for 30 days by order of a Romanian court as prosecutors pursue claims of human trafficking, organized crime, and rape. For those who want a primer on Andrew Tate, I recommend watching this video from Stephen of Coffeezilla. I’ve followed Stephen’s work for years, and used him as a source in my writing. This isn’t a random Youtuber making a hit piece. It’s a detailed report from the best watchdog in the space. With the background that Tate is a venerable professor at Hustler University, offering courses including Ph.D’s (Pimping Hoes Degree), here’s what’s happening.  On December 30, 2022, Andrew, his brother Tristin Tate, and two Romanian nationals, are being held as part of an investigation into the group for human trafficking. In April Tate was briefly taken into custody after a raid on his home, something he later claimed was swatting. In reality, the April raid was part of a months-long investigation by Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT).Update: 1/11/23: According to the Associated Press, “The Bucharest Court of Appeal late Tuesday rejected all four appeals against a judge’s Dec….Andrew Tate And The Woke Mind Virus

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