Apple is apparently working on foldable iPhone and iPads

Reports have emerged that Apple is currently working on developing prototypes for a foldable iPhone and iPad. Although these plans have not been officially confirmed, sources close to the tech giant have revealed that they are exploring the possibility of creating a foldable phone and tablet. The idea of a foldable iPhone is not new, and there have been rumors about it for several years. However, it seems that Apple is now making significant progress in this direction, with the company reportedly testing out several prototypes of a clamshell-style device, The Information reports. According to the publication, the foldable iPhone will have a flexible OLED display that can be folded in the middle, allowing the device to be easily transported and stored, quite like the Samsung’s Galaxy Z Filp 5. We may see an iPhone Flip down the line Image: Apple It is expected to be around the same size as the current iPhone models, with the added benefit of being able to unfold into a larger screen for viewing videos and using other applications. In addition to the foldable iPhone, Apple is also said to be working on a foldable iPad, which would be similar in design and functionality to the iPhone. Both devices are expected to be released in the coming years, although there are no official launch dates at this time. While Apple has not released any official statements about these products, the reports suggest that the company is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and…Apple is apparently working on foldable iPhone and iPads

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