Apple may face antitrust case from U.S. government soon, says report

Being one of the biggest corporations in the world is simply not easy, as the government always double-checks your business practices.  The same goes for Apple. Over the years, the company has attracted a lot of scrutiny over its business practices. The U.S. government has been looking into Apple for antitrust violations for a while now, and it appears they may file a case soon. The report comes from The New York Times, which says the U.S. Department of Justice could file an antitrust case regarding Cupertino company’s policies to keep iPhone dominance in the market as early as the first half of 2024. If a case is indeed filed, it could lead to several significant changes down the line, loosening the company’s control over hardware and software. Apple’s iPhone software and hardware under scrutiny There’s an ongoing investigation focused on the Watch, iMessage, and payment system lock-ins on the iPhone, according to the report by the New York Times. The report also states that senior leaders in the antitrust department of the U.S. DoJ (Department of Justice) are reviewing the results of this investigation.  The agency’s officials have met with Apple multiple times, including in December, to discuss the investigation. No final decision has been made about whether a lawsuit should be filed or what it should include, and Apple has not had a final meeting with the Justice Department in which it can make its case to the government before a lawsuit is filed. While it seems the…Apple may face antitrust case from U.S. government soon, says report

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