Apple needs this OpenAI deal, or else it’s toast

It seems Apple has entered panic mode, believing that locking down OpenAI is the only way to stay relevant. Why? OpenAI is a trendsetter in AI, the kind of cool new friend everyone wants at their party because they make everything better—a bit like the person who always has a new story or game up their sleeve. Apple feels that they’re just part of the crowd without this edge. And I imagine Tim Cook wouldn’t want this to be his lasting legacy. Apple is reportedly spending a lot of money to complete this deal, which makes you wonder if they remember how to innovate independently. It’s like they’re trying to buy a shortcut to success because they’ve lost confidence in coming up with the next big idea themselves. This isn’t just about Apple and OpenAI. Google and Microsoft are also in the mix and aren’t just watching from the sidelines. They’re active players in the AI game, making this situation feel like a high-stakes poker match where Apple’s sweating and the others are calling bluff after bluff. Sure, landing a deal with OpenAI could be great for Apple. It could boost their products and make them seem super innovative again. Image: Unsplash But let’s get real—is it really do or die? Tech history is full of missed chances and brilliant recoveries. Companies always miss out on trends and still find other ways to innovate and succeed. Apple is tough. They’ve got deep pockets and plenty of smart people. Even without…Apple needs this OpenAI deal, or else it’s toast

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