Apple TV breaks the Zoom barrier by inviting itself to your living room

The days of squinting at your laptop screen during endless Zoom meetings are officially over. Your Apple TV 4K is now your new conference room! That’s right, Zoom – our beloved and sometimes not-so-beloved video conferencing app – has made its grand entrance on the Apple TV 4K.  TechRadar, PhoneArena, and TechHive have all confirmed that Zoom has launched a new app, aptly named “Zoom – for HomeTV” on the App Store. But before you start planning your next virtual get-together, there’s a small catch. Zoom needs an Apple TV 4K and an iPhone or iPad Image: Zoom This cool new feature only works on Apple TV 4K models from 2021 or later that support the Continuity Camera feature. Plus, you need a compatible iPhone or iPad to act as your webcam. Once you’ve got your devices sorted, setting up is a cinch. Simply sign into Zoom via the web or email, enable Continuity Camera between your Apple TV and iPhone, and you’re all set to Zoom. And no, you don’t have to compromise on features. You can switch between speaker, thumbnail, and gallery views, and even use your Siri remote or the Zoom interface to express your feelings with emotes like a heart or thumbs up. The only thing you can’t do is use custom backgrounds. So, you might need to do a quick clean-up before your meeting. So, folks, if you’re game to take your Zoom meetings to the big screen, it’s time to transform your living room into a Zoom room. But…Apple TV breaks the Zoom barrier by inviting itself to your living room

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