Apple Vision Pro apps finally begin arriving to the App Store

Apple provided access to the developers with an Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit a few months back for developing apps for the platform, complete with visionOS branding guidelines. The headset arrives on February 2, and the Cupertino company has made it possible for developers to submit their apps. The visionOS applications are finally rolling out today.  Apps for the Apple Vision Pro have started rolling out  The developers who submitted their application for the visionOS for the App Store Review at the beginning of this month are getting email notifications today.  The email is basically telling them that the applications submitted by them have been approved. And now, they are available for download on the visionOS App Store. However, developer Dylan McDonald also noticed that the iOS App Store is also showing which apps are compatible with the device. While there are still a few weeks left for the Apple Vision Pro’s launch, select journalists and developers have been publishing hands-on experiences. So, it’s not surprising that Apple has made the visionOS apps available on the App Store right now. Since the spatial computer’s announcement back in 2023, Apple has been hosting labs all around the globe for developers to test their apps.  A few of them were even able to obtain a developer’s kit, which needs to be returned to Apple after the headset’s launch.  Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499 in the configuration with 256GB of storage. The official launch is set for February 2. Have any thoughts…Apple Vision Pro apps finally begin arriving to the App Store

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