Apple wants to launch Vision Pro outside the US before WWDC 2024

While Apple hasn’t disclosed its plans for the international availability of the Apple Vision Pro, the company’s first mixed-reality headset is about to land in the United States on February 2, with pre-orders starting from January 19.  However, in a new report, renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that international buyers may not have to wait that long.  Why the Apple Vision Pro isn’t available in non-US markets The journalist said, “Apple is likely to release Vision Pro outside the U.S. market before WWDC 2024.” And he attributes different factors to back up his statement.  Kuo states that Apple is planning to share visionOS’s development information with the global developers before WWDC 2024, as it would benefit the company and the global development ecosystem of visionOS if it could launch the headset in non-US markets. As for the reasons behind Apple’s exclusion from the non-US markets, Kuo had the following to say,  Apple Vision Pro’s initially limited supply To ensure the sales process in the United States goes smoothly They also needed more time to modify the algorithm to comply with other country’s regulations.  Besides these, Apple also has to go through numerous logistical hurdles to make the device available internationally.   For example, the protocol for adding prescription lenses varies from country to country. And, of course, for the sales process, Apple’s physical stores also play a crucial role. They have to train all the store employees properly.  However, Kuo believes there’s a possibility that Apple can overcome all these…Apple wants to launch Vision Pro outside the US before WWDC 2024

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