Apple Watches suffer massive L – Biden administration upholds ban

It’s not a good holiday season for Apple’s wearable department. The company is already deep in muddy water with the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 ban, and things got even worse.  The Biden administration has decided not to challenge the decision of the government tribunal that placed an import ban on the latest Apple Watches.  The incident follows an ongoing dispute between Apple and medical tech company Masimo.  Masimo, for years, has claimed that Apple’s wearable devices are copying its patented method of reading blood oxygen levels, which began with the Apple Watch Series 6 launched in 2020. In turn, Masimo is seeking damages from way back when Apple Watches first introduced the disputed feature. According to the International Trade Commission’s order on December 26, the Apple Watch sales ban came into effect just a week before Christmas, closing shop for its fitness wearable during this key holiday season. Which Apple Watches are affected? Image: KnowTechie Apple may have been hoping for a precedential veto, similar to what happened during the Obama administration back in 2013. But that didn’t happen.   The latest Apple Watch SE dodges the sales ban bullet, as it does not include the disputed blood oxygen reading feature. A few older generation Apple Watch models also remain available for purchase, as they lack this specific tracking capability. For now, these unaffected devices are the only Apple Watch games in town – all other models face blocked sales due to the recent ruling. When did…Apple Watches suffer massive L – Biden administration upholds ban

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