Apple will allow rival app stores in EU; game-streaming apps globally

Massive changes are coming to the Apple ecosystem in the EU, courtesy of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), after the iOS 17.4 update rolls out.  For the first time in history, the Cupertino company will allow its rivals to appear on its platform – the App Store.  According to Apple’s announcement, groundbreaking changes are coming to its “core platform services” – iOS, Safari, and the App Store. In addition, Apple is also opening its doors to game streaming services for users outside of the EU. More freedom for the EU App Store users, but there are some risks too Currently, you can only download apps onto your iPhone or iPad through the App Store, or you can choose the lawless way to sideload applications.  However, this particular limitation is coming to an end this March – only for users in the EU.  After Apple rolls out the iOS 17.4 update, EU users will get the option to download and use third-party app stores instead. Additionally, they will be able to set an alternative app store as their default store.  Users will now have the option to choose their default payment method, too. While Apple opening up its ecosystem sounds good on paper, it also increases the risks for the users, in terms of privacy and security. There’s a greater risk of downloading malware through a third-party app store. That said, Apple will introduce new protection measures with iOS 17.4 for this purpose only, and one of them will be the…Apple will allow rival app stores in EU; game-streaming apps globally

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