Apple will automatically blur your nudes in iOS 17

Apple announced and showcased iOS 17 at WWDC 2023. Apple’s mobile platform looks quite smooth and brings a ton of new improvements and features for iPhone users.  At the event, one of the biggest hits was Apple’s improvement to autocorrect. Using AI and machine learning, Apple figured out how to stop annoying its users and resolved the irritating “ducking” problem, allowing users to curse freely, faster, and more efficiently. Although the improvement was eagerly anticipated, the company also announced the addition of its sensitive content warning feature that automatically blurs nude images. No more nudes for the wicked So, the next time someone sends you unwanted nudes or explicit pictures and has an iPhone running iOS 17, Apple’s features will warn you that the image you’re about to view contains sensitive images while presenting a set of options. This is all due to the new sensitive content warning feature that scans texted images. And if it sees any funny business, images are automatically blurred. Image: KnowTechie If this is ringing any bells, iOS 15.2 added a Communication Safety feature, which did the same but only for children. However, Apple left an option to view the image.  Similarly, in iOS 17, Apple will blur nude or explicit images, but this time for adults. Apple is also providing the option to unblur or view images. The image blurring feature will be disabled by default on iOS 17. So, you have to manually enable the feature to protect yourself or others against nudity…Apple will automatically blur your nudes in iOS 17

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