Are you investable? Don’t be an Askhole

Louis Rossman recently published a video about being investable. Not in terms of cash for equity; that’s a different conversation. But the investment of time, effort, and energy into you from people who do not receive a return from sharing those resources. His video is worth watching but my giving him a shout-out is a drop of water in the ocean. The man has amassed a following of about 1.8 million, primarily from running a New York City real estate channel on YouTube, and a little, I suppose by being a right-to-repair advocate. When I say right-to-repair advocate, I want to make it clear Louis Rossman is the best figurehead the movement could possibly have. If a PR firm created someone to fill the role, they would create a well-spoken, autodidact, entrepreneur who built up from nothing and gives away thousands of hours of content explaining how to do component-level Mac Book board repair. I’ve paid his company to repair my girlfriend’s Mac Book. Rossmann Repair Group was able to do for a few hundred dollars, what Apple said would cost almost two thousand. The guy is an expert, and all of this build-up is to explain why his story struck a chord with me. Someone sent him a hopeful, not inherently entitled email requesting help fixing a Mac Book. As described, the person asked, how to do a, and was told they must first do b. That person followed up with another email asking how to do b. Asking…Are you investable? Don’t be an Askhole

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