Asian Runway Model Says AI Was Used to Make Her Look White

An Asian fashion model is criticizing the use of AI filters to make her appear white in photos from a recent runway show that were shared — and then deleted — by the designer she’d walked for. In a now-viral TikTok video, Taiwanese-American model Shereen Wu demonstrated that a photo of her walking the runway for designer Michael Costello had been running through some sort of filtering software that changes her features radically, adding heavily airbrushed-looking makeup and — yes — changed her race. The designer went on to repost the photo — which appeared to have been run through an app similar to FaceApp, the free AI image editor responsible for all those “yassification” memes — and claimed after he deleted it that it was “fan art” that someone had sent him. Shereen Wu, a model based in Los Angeles, is alleging that American designer and ex-Project Runway participant, Michael Costello, has used AI to change her face in a fashion show picture. This incident has sparked debates about the increasing use of AI in the fashion industry.… — Hypebae (@hypebae) November 3, 2023 Wu posted a screenshot in her video of Costello’s lengthy non-apology, where he said there was “nothing [he] could do” about the poorly edited image, told her he’d cast her in his show because he “liked” her, and pointedly did not apologize. “I understand as a model, I am replaceable,” Wu said in her video. “But I don’t get paid to do these shows,…Asian Runway Model Says AI Was Used to Make Her Look White

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