AT&T discovers five-year-old data breach affecting millions

AT&T is warning millions of current and former customers about a data breach that apparently happened five years ago. In a statement published over the weekend, AT&T said it found customer information on the so-called “dark web” last month that appeared to originate from a database dating back to 2019. AT&T said a review of the leaked data showed it appeared to be from 2019 and affected around 7.6 million current customers and over 65 million former customers. The company affirmed that data in the leaked files included social security numbers and other personal information; separately, AT&T officials said some passwords were also disclosed in the data set. AT&T said it investigated how the data was leaked on the Internet, asserting there was no evidence “of unauthorized access to its systems resulting in exfiltration of the data set.” The company suggested a vendor might have been involved in a security incident. “As of today, this incident has not had a material impact on AT&T’s operations,” AT&T said. Image: Jalopnik Big Scale, Big Problems AT&T is the largest wireless phone provider in the United States, serving more than 87 million postpaid phone customers and 19 million prepaid customers, according to the company’s financial disclosure reports. Overall, AT&T connects more than 242 million devices across the country, including mobile hotspots, tablets, 5G laptops, and some law enforcement equipment operated through FirstNet. Being a large wireless provider has some drawbacks, the chief one being that when something goes wrong, it tends to affect…AT&T discovers five-year-old data breach affecting millions

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