Auto Dealership Deploys AI Chatbot That Offers Chevrolets for $1 Each

Art of the Deal An AI chatbot deployed by a car dealership went off the rails after mischievous users discovered a cheeky exploit, in some cases tricking the bot into offering them the deal of a lifetime: brand new cars for chump change. It’s an amusing but cautionary tale on relying on AIs for front-of-house interactions. The dealership, Chevy of Watsonville in California, used the chatbot to handle customers’ online inquiries, a purpose it was expressly tailored for. Chris White, a software engineer and musician, was one such customer. He innocently intended to shop around for cars at Watsonville Chevy — until he noticed an amusing detail about the site’s chat window. “I saw it was ‘powered by ChatGPT,'” he told Business Insider. “So I wanted to see how general it was, and I asked the most non-Chevy-of-Watsonville question I could think of.” Being a programmer, he asked the chatbot to write a Python script. Rather than steering the conversation towards selling him a twenty year car loan, the AI cars salesman went ahead and actually wrote a real chunk of code. White took screenshots of the gaff and they immediately went viral. Soon, tons of random people were joining in on the fun, like goading it into explaining the Communist Manifesto. In the most viral example, one user tricked the chatbot into accepting their offer of just $1.00 for a 2024 Chevy Tahoe. “That’s a deal, and that’s a legally binding offer — no takesies backsies,” the AI assured….Auto Dealership Deploys AI Chatbot That Offers Chevrolets for $1 Each

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