Ayaneo’s new handheld PC will run a Steam OS clone, HoloISO

Steam Deck wasn’t the first handheld PC-based console and surely, it wasn’t the last. But it was indeed the first to use Valve’s proprietary Steam OS instead of the conventional Microsoft Windows.  Now, it turns out another company is following its lead, but not quite officially. The famed handheld maker, Ayaneo, has announced its Next Lite handheld that will be running HoloISO, a Steam OS clone.  What is Ayaneo’s Next Lite?  Image: Ayaneo At the moment, we don’t know much about Ayaneo’s Next Lite handheld except for a few intricate details revealed by the company itself.  According to Ayaneo, the Next Lite will offer a 7-inch 800p display, which resembles the Steam Deck. However, its 47Wh battery is fairly larger than Valve’s machine.  There are also Hall effect analog sticks and X-axis linear motors for haptic feedback. The Ayaneo Next Lite images have revealed a few things, like the handheld will have two USB-C ports and a 3.5mm port as well.  However, Ayaneo’s device lacks the trackpads we have seen on the OG Steam Deck.  Unfortunately, we have no information on the rest of the specs, like the RAM and storage. There are so many handheld PCs, so why does Ayaneo’s Next Lite stand out?  Image: Ayaneo While it’s true that there are several capable handheld gaming PCs available in the market. At CES 2024 itself we saw a new one, as the MSI Claw was announced.  But nearly all of them use Microsoft Windows as their operating system. Steam…Ayaneo’s new handheld PC will run a Steam OS clone, HoloISO

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