Being TikTok in A Pandemic

According to the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, Anthony Fauci Omicron’s seeming mildness doesn’t mean the end of the pandemic is in sight. While we all hope the curtains are closing on the Covid19 pandemic, Fauci’s words of caution caused us to look at what has changed over the last two years and what may not change if he’s correct. 

Many folks now work from home, and we feel disconnected. Restaurants have closed, reopened, and closed again, this time permanently. HR managers Googled for “team building game ideas using zoom” and single parents search for suitable childcare as they cannot work remotely. 

We’ve been in this painful transitioning period so long; going back to normal will feel like an adjustment. SEO agencies struggled as the marketing budgets for most companies dropped, but pizza delivery flourished

Real estate got crazy, as people from large cities escaped to smaller towns, driving up rents, as the essential workers have largely had no change in compensation. And it’s not a stretch to believe that most people feel a lack of upward mobility. All while TikTok overtook Google as the most-visited website.

Nearly every part of the last two years has been uncomfortable. If nothing changes, so very much will change.

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