Belkin smart plug plagued by security flaw, with no fix in sight

The Belkin Smart Plug Mini V2, a popular smart home device, has been found to contain a critical security vulnerability. Despite growing concerns from customers and security professionals, Belkin has made it clear that they have no intention of resolving the issue. This decision leaves users exposed to potential cyber threats and raises questions about the company’s commitment to consumer safety. According to The Verge, a security research company, Sternum discovered the exploit. Belkin was first notified of the problem in January 2023. It allows hackers to gain remote access to the smart plug, enabling them to control the device remotely. Here’s how it works: By changing the device name to one with over 30 characters, a buffer overflow can be triggered, enabling the hacker to enter commands without requiring physical access.  To exploit the vulnerability, hackers must connect to the Wemo plug using a community-made Python app called PyWeMo. After discovering a security issue, Sternum reported it to Mitre Corporation, a non-profit cybersecurity organization. Mitre then assigned the issue the identifier CVE-2023-27217. So why isn’t Belkin fixing it? Image: Amazon The company says that the device isn’t officially supported. Speaking to 9to5Mac, the company told them the device is at the end of its life and will not be patched.” So why would Belkin suddenly stop supporting this product? Because it is a recurring theme in tech, as companies only support products for a certain amount of time.  This is called EOL, which stands for “end of life.” Any…Belkin smart plug plagued by security flaw, with no fix in sight

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