Beware of AI scams: The dark side of the digital utopia we didn’t sign up for

A fake Bloomberg Twitter account shared a photo (presumably generated by AI) depicting an explosion near the Pentagon. The images shared by a blue check-clad Twitter account disseminated widely and seemingly caused a temporary stock market dip of 0.26% on May 23, 2023.  The market recovered quickly. However, if the panic response is correctly attributed to a fake photo posted on a fake Twitter account, we should feel unsettled. Confident that this picture claiming to show an "explosion near the pentagon" is AI generated. Check out the frontage of the building, and the way the fence melds into the crowd barriers. There's also no other images, videos or people posting as first hand witnesses.— Nick Waters (@N_Waters89) May 22, 2023 Manipulated photos circulated long before generative AI. Some blame falls on Twitter for shifting the blue checkmarks from identity verification into a money-making-er-well-losing scheme. But AI feels like a new horizon for fraud, no matter how Twitter handles verification. A single image of smoke rising near a government building is a fraction of what AI is currently capable of generating.  The Daily Show used AI to generate Joe Biden’s voice for a satirical 2024 Biden presidential campaign commercial. The video is clearly labeled as AI; the AI voice even says it’s an AI-generated voice. But what if it was trying to deceive the public? Modified videos impersonating President Joe Biden have been circulating online, promoting a fake stimulus program. TikTok recently removed a video of Joe Rogan using AI-generated audio that was promoting…Beware of AI scams: The dark side of the digital utopia we didn’t sign up for

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