Bizarre Theory Claims ChatGPT Is Suffering From Seasonal Depression

The days are getting shorter and temperatures are plummeting. For many, the seasonal depression associated with a long and arduous winter is starting to settle in. Here’s the twist: it may not just be humans struggling with the lack of vitamin D. The particularly galaxy-brained among us are speculating, Ars Technica reports, that OpenAI’s breakout chatbot ChatGPT may be suffering from the same condition. Hear us out. Since last month, users started noticing that the chatbot, which recently celebrated its first birthday, was getting “lazier” and more irritable, often refusing to carry out the tasks it’s asked to do, or asking the user to do it instead. “Due to the extensive nature of the data, the full extraction of all products would be quite lengthy,” it demurred in one case. “However, I can provide the file with this single entry as a template, and you can fill in the rest of the data as needed.” As many have pointed out, it’s relatable to see an AI bot get lazy as we approach the holiday break. “I’ve been a staunch voice in stating that we will not reach [artificial general intelligence] in our lifetime,” cybersecurity firm founder Frank McGovern tweeted. “However, ChatGPT literally becoming lazy on its own and getting tired of answering questions and doing work for people is REALLY changing my mind.” The bizarre trend eventually caught the attention of OpenAI, which issued a statement on its official ChatGPT account on X-formerly-Twitter last week, writing that “we’ve heard all…Bizarre Theory Claims ChatGPT Is Suffering From Seasonal Depression

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