Black Friday extravaganza: Save up to $900 on a Carbo eBike

Hey, cycling and tech enthusiasts! This Black Friday brings with it an exciting opportunity to be a part of the new era in eBikes. Get ready to experience the wonders of cycling technology with CARBO, the creator of the world’s lightest folding electric bike. CARBO is all set to supercharge this holiday season with a phenomenal exclusive offer that is guaranteed to light up your ride and lighten your wallet. Features Image: CARBO CARBO presents the pinnacle of eBike design and performance through its exceptional models – the CARBO Model S and Model X. Renowned for their lightweight, user-friendly designs starting at just 13 kg (about 28.7 lbs), these e-bikes deliver remarkable performance without the typical burdensome weight of traditional ebikes.” The Model S and Model X each set their own unique standards in e-bike agility, strength, and comfort, offering an effortless ride every single time. Whether you’re gliding through city streets or navigating rough trails, these e-bikes ensure a seamless and enjoyable ride, irrespective of the terrain. CARBO Model X Image: KnowTechie Lightweight and versatile, the CARBO Model X stands as your quintessential choice for everyday commuting. At its heart is a Bafang 250W high torque hub motor, allowing it to reach a top speed of 20 mph (approximately 32 km/h). Powered by a 36V x 6.7 Ah Samsung battery, it boasts a range of 25 to 40 miles (about 40 – 64 km), varying with the level of pedal assistance used. A highlight of Model X is its…Black Friday extravaganza: Save up to $900 on a Carbo eBike

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