BOOX launches the Note Air3, an affordable monochrome note-taker

Onyx BOOX is shaking up the world of digital note-taking with the release of its latest device, the Note Air3, a black and white E Ink notepad designed specifically for those who crave focus and simplicity in their note-taking. The Note Air3 is no ordinary notepad. With a 10.3” E Ink Carta 1200 screen, this device promises a reading experience that’s easy on the eyes, supporting 17 ebook formats and eliminating color distractions for ultimate focus. It’s a tablet that’s all about getting you to the heart of what you’re reading without any unnecessary frills. What sets the Note Air3 apart is its Smart Scribe feature, as PC Mag notes, a wild new feature that turns even the most chicken-scratch notes into perfect shapes, highlights, and underlines. It even lets you effortlessly erase your handwriting. Image: Boox Designed to mimic the tactile feel of pen on paper, the Note Air3 includes a close-to-paper film that enhances the writing experience. It’s equipped with comprehensive note-taking tools like keyword search and the ability to convert handwritten notes into editable text. With seamless integration with related files or websites, you’ll never miss a beat in your note-taking. Running on Android 12, the Note Air3 opens up a world of apps for note-taking and reading. With BOOXDrop and Onyx cloud, managing your files becomes a no-brainer. Image: Boox BOOXDrop lets you transfer files without any limit, while Onyx Cloud ensures your notes are always accessible across all your BOOX devices. Despite packing all these…BOOX launches the Note Air3, an affordable monochrome note-taker

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