Buyer gets fake iPhone 15 Pro Max straight from Apple’s online store

Delivery scams are nothing new, but in the most bizarre 2023 delivery scam, a UK resident was left speechless after receiving the shipment of a fake iPhone 15 Pro Max, which they ordered directly from Apple’s website.  It’s pretty shocking, but delivery scams have become quite common. However, this one made the headlines as it happened even after ordering directly from Apple, which raises concerns.  The buyer went straight to Reddit to share their experience and has even reported receiving all delivery confirmation emails from Apple and tracking details from delivery partner Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD). Was it really a fake iPhone 15 Pro Max?  So, after unboxing the supposed iPhone 15 Pro Max, the buyer immediately realized that something was off.  The buyer first noticed the installed protector on the screen, which made them wonder if Apple had accidentally sent a return unit.  Source: Reddit However, upon further investigation, the buyer soon realized that was not the case. The buyer stated, The next thing I notice when I turn it on, the screen isn’t right, it lights up the black area in a way that is clearly not OLED, and the bottom has a chin, which suggests this is not correct for the phone. After that, the buyer switched on the phone, and surprise, surprise! He faced an extremely poor setup process, and they concluded that the device that came officially from Apple was indeed fake.  I immediately clocked that it was an Android device in a skin. It may…Buyer gets fake iPhone 15 Pro Max straight from Apple’s online store

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