BuzzFeed AI Struggles to Recommend Recipe for Laid-Off Journalists

Fresh on the heels of announcing that he would be using AI to replace static content — and thus, re-engineer BuzzFeed-owned sites into a new kind of automated content farm — BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has given The New York Times a glimpse into what that process might look like. Behold: Botatouille, a recipe-suggesting chatbot that will soon be integrated into the BuzzFeed-owned food site Tasty. “Rainy day? Botatouille recommends winter chili or lentil soup,” writes the NYT’s Benjamin Mullins. “Feeling lonely? Botatouille suggests chocolate chip cookies or a vegetable curry. Botatouille might also recommend shepherd’s pie, which it quipped was its mother’s recipe.” We know, we know. Groundbreaking stuff. We’ll give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor. But for all its recipe-generating prowess — it apparently excelled at offering a coherent party punch — Botatouille reportedly struggled with one specific recipe ask: a good meal suggestion for a laid-off media worker. That’s a relevant question for the bot, considering that BuzzFeed just sacked its entire BuzzFeed News team in favor of an AI-heavy future for the digital media empire. “Hmm, it seems like you might be feeling a bit down. How about I recommend a meal that will lift your spirits?” Botatouille reportedly told Mullins, after first hitting the journalist with an “oops, something went wrong” error message. “For a laid-off digital media worker, I suggest trying the one-pan chicken and veggie meal prep 2 ways.” You heard the bot. If your CEO, like a growing number…BuzzFeed AI Struggles to Recommend Recipe for Laid-Off Journalists

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