Channel 1 Says It'll Use AI-Generated News Anchors

Not Fake News An upcoming news outfit called Channel 1 is launching its own network in February that it says will present the news almost entirely with AI-generated news anchors that it’s presenting as strikingly capable and photorealistic. The tech startup announced the launch date on Tuesday, sharing a 20-minute video demo on X-formerly-Twitter. It kicks off in much the same way your typical cable news channel might, but overlaying real images alongside AI-generated ones, and cutting between different AI personalities. One stiffly assures the viewer that Channel 1’s output is “not fake news.” Rather than creating its own stories, says the AI anchor assuming the form of a man in a suit, Channel 1 will rely on content gathered from human-made, “trusted news sources” around the world, repackaged and personalized to each viewer’s tastes and interests. See the highest quality AI footage in the world. – Our generated anchors deliver stories that are informative, heartfelt and entertaining. Watch the showcase episode of our upcoming news network now. — Channel 1 (@channel1_ai) December 12, 2023 Cold Copy Even more strangely, Channel 1 will use AI to generate images and videos of events where “cameras were not able to capture the action.” It likens this to how a courtroom sketch “is not a literal depiction of actual events” but helps audiences understand them. In its demo program, Channel 1 uses mostly real news footage and b-roll taken from other sources. When an AI-generated image is shown, it’s clearly indicated with…Channel 1 Says It'll Use AI-Generated News Anchors

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