ChatGPT Appears to Have Lost Its Mind Last Night

Uh oh. As The Independent reports, ChatGPT users have spent the last 24 hours or so flocking to social media to share screenshots and anecdotes of bizarre interactions with the OpenAI chatbot — which, well, appears to be losing its mind. Screenshots show the AI’s responses to seemingly normal queries devolving into total gibberish, or simply generating way too much content. In one case highlighted by the Independent, a Redditor shared that the AI — when asked a question about coding, mind you — provided a garrulous and mostly illogical answer that included the statement: “let’s keep the line as if AI in the room.” “Reading this at 2 am is scary,” the user wrote of the spooky incident. That wasn’t the only wild interaction shared by ChatGPT users. In one instance, for example, a Redditor posted that they’d asked the AI what the “Bill Evans Trio it would recommend on vinyl.” Pretty standard ask! Its answer, though, completely breaks down, and after churning out what mostly looks like nonsense, it starts repeating the phrase “happy listening!” — complete with a musical note emoji — over and over again. chatgpt is apparently going off the rails right now and no one can explain why — sean mcguire (@seanw_m) February 21, 2024 In another example, per the Independent, a prompt asking how to make sundried tomatoes led to the AI telling the user to “utilize as beloved” and “forsake the new fruition morsel in your beloved cookery.” Sure, sounds tasty!…ChatGPT Appears to Have Lost Its Mind Last Night

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