ChatGPT Says It's Reached the Limit of How Silly It Can Make the Goose

Silliest Goose What if there was a puppy so happy that its grin could span entire galaxies? What if there was a goose that was so silly that it sprouted a third, transdimensional eye? Thanks to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which got an update late last year that allows it to generate detailed images, we don’t have to wonder any longer. “For every 10 likes this gets, I will ask ChatGPT to make this goose a little sillier,” robotics company CEO Garrett Scott McCurrach tweeted in November. It didn’t take long for the goose to become eye-poppingly weird, going from a photorealistic take of a bog-standard waterbird to a cartoonish deity that sparkled with rainbow colors. Several iterations into his experiment, McCurrach finally hit a wall. “I’ve reached the limit of how silly I can make the goose using the tools available,” ChatGPT answered, sounding vaguely exasperated. Once McCurrach managed to goad it into imagining an even sillier goose, the tool complained that it had finally reached the “zenith of silliness.” Having to get creative to convince ChatGPT to keep going… — Garrett Scott (@thegarrettscott) November 27, 2023 Final Frontier The experiment has turned into a huge meme, with plenty of other social media users mimicking it over the months, like a chess pawn taking on a higher consciousness or a puppy that’s so cute that it transcends its Earthly form entirely to melt into a psychedelic swirl of colors. These interactions may seem like not much more than a meaningless…ChatGPT Says It's Reached the Limit of How Silly It Can Make the Goose

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