Clicks Creator Keyboard adds a physical keyboard to your iPhone

CES 2024 has impressed us with a lot of new gadgets – from MSI Claw to ASUS’s new ZenBook Duo. But we never thought a simple mobile keyboard accessory, the Clicks Creator Keyboard, would ever catch our eye.  Yes! One of the most astonishing reveals of the CES 2024 has to be Clicks Creator Keyboard – an accessory for iPhones that ticks a lot of things I used to love about the older mobile keyboards. So, if the name or the image or the image doesn’t ring a bell, then what is this new accessory?  The Clicks Creator Keyboard is partly a case for your iPhone and partly nostalgia. It’s a flashback to an era when Apple was nowhere to be found.  The bottom of the Clicks Creator Keyboard case resembles the Blackberry devices we used to know and love.  The Clicks Creator Keyboard is a small wonder Image: Clicks Even though it’s the age of visual keyboards, there’s still some urge among us to click actual buttons. Somehow, it feels more satisfactory.  So, enter Clicks Technology – a company endorsed by YouTuber Michael Fisher, a.k.a MrMobile, who is a part of it. Its first product is the Clicks Creator Keyboard.  The product is made only for the recent iPhone as an accessory that wraps around it – like a phone case.  However, at the bottom, you will find the trusty old full QWERTY keyboard. You can type a message with it or take notes or anything else without having to…Clicks Creator Keyboard adds a physical keyboard to your iPhone

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