Connecting Liver King, Kanye West (Ye), And The Twitter Files

If a single thread connects Liver King getting “outed” for steroid use, Kanye West (now Ye) making an insane appearance on InfoWars, and the “Twitter files,” it would have to be two threads. First, some people see what they want to see. Second, others use those people to make money. Like a mirage brought on by wishful thinking, people maintained that the Liver King was natural. Not most people. The vast majority of humans who saw the Liver King knew he came from a test tube. If you needed topical experts to believe, the likes of IFBB Pro Greg Duceset, Meds School Prof. Andrew Huberman, and Joe Rogan confidently stated that the king of the liver was on the juice. YouTuber More Plates More Dates, who ultimately showed the emails proving Liver King was indeed on gear — A gram and a half of juicy vitamins and approximately 476 gallons of growth hormone a month — published a video a year ago explaining that liverwurst must be on steroids. Those videos didn’t stop Liver King from gaslighting the world on some of the biggest fitness podcasts. The king maintained to Mark Bell, Kenny Ko, and Bradley Martyn, among many others, that he never touched the sups you get behind the GNC. As a marketing tactic, it worked. I don’t think liver man sold the hundreds of millions in supplements and info products he’s claimed. But I expect it was between $10 and $ 20 million in sales. The raw organ meat-eating fitness…Connecting Liver King, Kanye West (Ye), And The Twitter Files

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