Content Syndication Is The New Guest Blogging

My approach to distributing my writing has changed dramatically over the years. I used to be pretty pro guest blogging, and now not so much. Explaining my current syndication approach can help others better promote their writing. This is, however, not a technical guide.  I’ve written for places where I was paid and many places that received content for free. In aggregate, those that paid took less work to get published and treated the writing and writer with more respect during the process.  Years of seeing articles I’ve written for free vanish from the internet, be reattributed to someone else, or end up on a website unrecognizable as the place I submitted to led to this approach change. Now I will write words in exchange for money or syndicate content I’ve written as widely as convenient. The exception to this is a high-profile OpEd in a well-known publication, and possibly due to existing relationships. I don’t see a way around this. Even among well-financed and big-name players, publishing is chaotic. Publishers rebrand, change their CMS, close, pivot to a new model, and get acquired. Things get lost in the shuffle. For a big legacy media example, I once had photo credits on the Dallas Morning News website. Years ago, when DMN spun out an entertainment publication, Guide Live, an entire section of Dallas Morning News redirected to the new site’s home page. The articles using my photos were not individually migrated and redirected; they vanished, and when Guide Live died and…Content Syndication Is The New Guest Blogging

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