Cops Using AI That Automatically Generates Police Reports From Body Cam Footage

Taser maker and police contractor Axon has announced a new product called “Draft One,” an AI that can generate police reports from body cam audio. As Forbes reports, it’s a brazen and worrying use of the tech that could easily lead to the furthering of institutional ills like racial bias in the hands of police departments. That’s not to mention the propensity of AI models to “hallucinate” facts, which could easily lead to chaos and baseless accusations. “It’s kind of a nightmare,” Electronic Frontier Foundation surveillance technologies investigations director Dave Maass told Forbes. “Police, who aren’t specialists in AI, and aren’t going to be specialists in recognizing the problems with AI, are going to use these systems to generate language that could affect millions of people in their involvement with the criminal justice system.” “What could go wrong?” he pondered. Axon claims its new AI, which is based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model, can help cops spend less time writing up reports. “If an officer spends half their day reporting, and we can cut that in half, we have an opportunity to potentially free up 25 percent of an officer’s time to be back out policing,” Axon CEO Rick Smith told Forbes. But given the sheer propensity of OpenAI’s models to “hallucinate” facts, fail at correctly summarizing information, and replicate the racial biases from their training data, it’s an eyebrow-raising use of the tech. Axon, however, maintains that it’s adjusted the AI model to ensure it can’t go off…Cops Using AI That Automatically Generates Police Reports From Body Cam Footage

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