Cox Media Group might be turning your talks into targeted ads

Imagine chatting about needing a vacation, and voila, your phone serves up ads for tropical getaways. Is it creepy coincidence or cunning tech? Apps on Google Play and the App Store have had recent issues with data privacy, but this revelation is even more sinister. Joseph Cox over at 404 Media just dropped a bombshell about Cox Media Group (CMG), a major player in the media landscape that’s apparently been eavesdropping on its customer’s conversations to serve them ads. They’ve dubbed it “Active Listening,” which sounds less like a feature and more like that one friend who overhears everything. But here’s the kicker: CMG claims it’s all legal, thanks to those ‘Terms and Conditions’ we never read. Do you think your phone is listening to you to serve ads? You might be right Image: Pexels Now, CMG isn’t just some small fry; they’re part of Apollo Global Management and Cox Enterprise, including Cox Communications. They’ve got their fingers in many pies, from news stations to ISPs. The pitch is simple: target ads to folks based on their day-to-day gab. Think your AC’s on the fritz or musing about mortgage rates? CMG’s tech is supposedly ready to pick up on those hints and send relevant ads your way. The tech was promoted with examples like “car lease ending” or “need a better mortgage rate,” and clients could “claim” territories for their ad campaigns. The concept is to analyze conversations through AI and then bombard those poor souls with tailored ads via…Cox Media Group might be turning your talks into targeted ads

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