Cursed New Apps Use AI to Tell You What to Say on Tinder

Rizz We’ve officially entered a new circle of online dating hell. Meet Rizz, which according to its App Store profile is an AI-powered “dating assistant” that tells Tinder, Hinge, and otherwise dating app users what to say to their online matches. It connects directly to a user’s keyboard for easy access, and once installed, all you really have to do is start swiping right — then, from there, just let the bot dictate your every word. Cool. We hate it here. “There’s some amount of mental work and barrier to thinking of how to compose a message,” Coyne Lloyd, a 35-year-old tech investor and Rizz user, told The Washington Post. “It’s like getting started on a term paper.” If you’re depressed at the comparison of dating other humans to writing term papers: same. Sim City And Rizz isn’t the only app like this out there. As WaPo notes, a few other apps, including one called, are currently on the market, while a number of dating app scoundrels have taken to the internet in recent months to tout the supposed dating app prowess of ChatGPT. “This past summer, I got really tired of sifting through and trying to come up with responses on dating apps,” founder Dmitri Mirakyan told WaPo. “So I tried to see if GPT3 could flirt. It turns out it could. A month later, I built the first version [of the platform].” Mirakyan’s interest in an app like his, however, seems to go deeper than Lloyd’s…Cursed New Apps Use AI to Tell You What to Say on Tinder

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