DeRUCCI’s AI mattress elevates your sleep with advanced tech

As reported by Grand View Research, the global home bedding market was valued at 104.64 billion US dollars in 2023, with projections of a 7.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2024 to 2030. This market expansion is fueled by the surge in the housing sector and increased consumer expenditure on bedding products. In this flourishing market, DeRUCCI, a prominent participant, is capitalizing on the opportunity by introducing its innovative smart mattress. If you’ve ever dreamt of a mattress that adapts to your body, tracks your sleep, and creates an optimal sleep environment, then wake up to the reality of DeRUCCI’s AI series T11 Pro AI mattress. Recently, this cutting-edge innovation bagged two CES 2024 Innovation Awards, solidifying DeRUCCI’s status as a leading sleep technology brand.  A giant leap for sleep tech  The T11 Pro AI mattress is an artificial intelligence of things (IoT) intelligent sleep solution that instantly adjusts to the individual’s health for optimal sleep and keeps an eye out for potential health issues. This remarkable innovation is the result of extensive sleep health research DeRUCCI conducted in partnership with international universities and institutions.  According to Hua Lei, General Manager of Smart Sleep, DeRUCCI, the company is thrilled to receive recognition for its work in sleep study IoT innovations. “Our Smart Sleep Line also includes smart adjustable beds, AI rapid sleep systems, deep sleep pillows, smart pillows, and Optimal Sleep Medicine Centers for a complete solution for healthy restful sleep,” says Hua Lei. Design, ergonomics, and functionality  Image:…DeRUCCI’s AI mattress elevates your sleep with advanced tech

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