DJI adds beginner-friendly $299 Mini 4K drone to the lineup

DJI added another beginner-friendly drone to its lineup today, with the $299 Mini 4K. This tiny drone requires no registration but is packed with advanced capabilities like 4K recording. While it only just launched, we expect to see the DJI Mini 4K on every list of the best consumer drones this year. Not many sub-$300 drones come with 4K recording capabilities, and none have the advanced flight algorithms of DJI. The DJI Mini 4K captures video at 4K at up to 30 fps. If you want a higher 60 fps recording, it can, but at a slightly lower 2.7K resolution. Bitrates have been increased up to 100Mbps, which should mean higher quality recordings, whichever setting you choose. DJI Mini 4K $299.00 Check Availability KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale. 04/29/2024 02:41 pm GMT The DJI Mini 4K is a beginner-friendly 4K drone Image: DJI The DJI Mini 4K is only 249g, keeping it below the threshold for registration with the FAA. That’s good for beginners, as they can learn how to fly without the extra steps needed for larger drones. The companion app is also designed to be beginner-friendly, with one-tap movements for advanced camera tricks and for takeoff and landing with one touch. You can also fly manually as your skill improves. The camera is on a three-axis gimbal for even more stable video and has electrical image stabilization. It also has…DJI adds beginner-friendly $299 Mini 4K drone to the lineup

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