Don’t Use ChatGPT For Legal Research

A lawyer used ChatGPT to research a legal brief and it didn’t work out. ChatGPT makes stuff up or uses very thin sourcing, and is not a replacement for a search engine. Here’s What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT When Avianca asked a Manhattan federal judge to toss out the case, Mr. Mata’s lawyers vehemently objected, submitting a 10-page brief that cited more than half a dozen relevant court decisions. There was Martinez v. Delta Air Lines, Zicherman v. Korean Air Lines and, of course, Varghese v. China Southern Airlines, with its learned discussion of federal law and “the tolling effect of the automatic stay on a statute of limitations.”Benjamin Weiser, May 27, 2023, The post Don’t Use ChatGPT For Legal Research appeared first on Mason Pelt.Don’t Use ChatGPT For Legal Research

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