Dystopian Google AI Tool Turns Still Images into Creepy Talking Videos

Image-to-Video Google researchers have developed a new AI model that can transform a single still image of a person into a moving, talking avatar. It’s called Vlogger, and its surprisingly realistic outputs are nothing short of freaky. In a white paper, the Google team describes Vlogger as a “novel framework to synthesize humans from audio,” adding that “it is precisely automation and behavioral realism that what we aim for in this work… a multi-modal interface to an embodied conversational agent.” This “agent,” they continue, is ultimately “designed to support natural conversations with a human user.” So, in other words, the goal of these researchers is absolutely to create realistic-looking fake people that interact in a “human”-feeling way with actual human beings on the other end. In the paper, the researchers propose that this model — which requires just one image and a desired audio clip as inputs — could be used to “enhance online communication, education, or personalized virtual assistants.” Vlogger can also edit moving videos, which the researchers claim will “ease creative processes.” They do not, however, mention that a tool that could generate entirely synthetic, moving-and-speaking video clips from just one image feels ripe for abuse by bad actors. This is scary! Google just revealed VLOGGER, and it can create almost realistic talking + moving videos from JUST ONE PHOTO. Here's what you need to know: (+ more examples) pic.twitter.com/V61Sb0Xr9n — Roni Rahman (@heyronir) March 19, 2024 Anyone, Anywhere Indeed, it’s the advancements that Google purports to have…Dystopian Google AI Tool Turns Still Images into Creepy Talking Videos

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