Ecoflow’s new battery system can power your whole home

Bad weather and power outages are becoming more common. I had several mini outages last night while trying to work, so the idea of a whole house battery system is very appealing. That’s precisely what EcoFlow just announced at CES 2024 with its new Delta Pro Ultra system. The modular battery backups can be wired into your home and into solar power to recharge while the sun shines. The company also announced an upgraded Smart Home Panel 2, which wires into your home’s existing wiring so you can unplug and plug more batteries in as needed. EcoFlow’s Delta Pro Ultra battery system reduces dependence on the grid Image: Ecoflow This whole system works as a giant UPS for your home, able to switch over in milliseconds if it detects a drop in the supply to your house. The Smart Home Panel 2 also intelligently recharges the batteries from either solar or the grid, and doles out power to your home if it thinks your appliances need it. The batteries are a significant investmentand come with a five-year warranty, although they should be good for ten yearsbefore they start to degrade and go under 80% capacity. Unlike many CES announcements, this one is ready to order from EcoFlow. The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra consisting of the inverter and battery costs $5,799, while the Intelligent Kit that adds the Smart Home Panel is $7,199. Have any thoughts on this? Drop us a line below in the comments, or carry the discussion to…Ecoflow’s new battery system can power your whole home

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