Eve increases Matter lineup including the first smart socket

Eve already has a strong smart home system, by starting out with HomeKit only devices and adding Matter and Thread support over time. Now it’s got another trio of Matter devices, including the first smart socket using the protocol. I’ve been using the Eve Aqua to keep my garden watered as I’m rather absent minded so putting it on a schedule that I don’t have to think during the week. Now I can expand that to my light switches, or sockets, or even my blinds. The first device hitting the market is the Eve Blinds Collection, which are made-to-measure and use Eve’s hidden MotionBlinds technology to enable smart home control. Eve is looking to increase its portfolio in 2024 Image: Eve Now, these aren’t cheap, but then again neither are the materials Eve uses, in either translucent or blackout options. These are coming on February 1, and will change in price depending on options chosen. Then there’s the Eve Energy Outlet, which is an in-wall smart socket that replaces your normal receptacles. That makes it sleeker than the usually boxy smart plugs, and it’ll even show you energy use. Eve plans to release this on February 6. And the Eve Light Switch already exists, but in a HomeKit-only version. The full Matter support model is penned for the second quarter of 2024, so look out for that if you want stylish smart light switches. Image: Eve Both the Eve Light Switch and Eve Energy Outlet will cost $50, which is…Eve increases Matter lineup including the first smart socket

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