Ex-Google CEO Says We Should Trust AI Industry to Self-Regulate

Self-Regulating He might not helm Google anymore, but Eric Schmidt is absolutely still thinking like a tech CEO. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Schmidt laid bare his techno-libertarian outlook when asked about whether artificial intelligence needs “guardrails” given its propensity to lie, confabulate, and, well, go kind of mad. “When this technology becomes more broadly available, which it will, and very quickly, the problem is going to be much worse,” the former Google executive told MTP’s Jacob Ward. “I would much rather have the current companies define reasonable boundaries.” Sounds like a job for the government, right? Nope! Instead, Schmidt argued that regulation should be left up to AI firms because “there’s no way a non-industry person can understand what is possible.” “There’s no one in the government who could get it right,” he added. WATCH: Former Google CEO @ericschmidt tells #MTP Reports the companies developing AI should be the ones to establish industry guardrails — not policy makers. “There’s no way a non-industry person can understand what’s possible.” pic.twitter.com/Z2bBRJwpR9 — Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) May 14, 2023 Historic Disinterest This stuff, it seems, is Schmidt’s bread and butter. Back in 2021, the man who helmed Google first as CEO and then chairman co-released a book with Nixon-era Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about how dangerous unregulated AI could be for our future. Now, though, it sounds like he thinks the creators of AI should be trusted with its regulation, even though they have a clear conflict of interest….Ex-Google CEO Says We Should Trust AI Industry to Self-Regulate

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